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What We Do

Our services are adaptable to your technology needs.

IT Networks

We can help you with your home to medium sized business networking needs.

Website Design

We can create a fully functional, SEO driven, website design linked with Google Analytics to suit your requirements.

Website Hosting

We have a multitude of packages that can ensure you spend your time on your business and not your web presence.

Hardware and Software Administration

We can manage a cloud or server based environment as well as your local endpoints.

Cyber Security

We can ensure your network is protected from outside intruders.


We offer a diverse range of programs that teach technology through fun projects to children ages 5 to 15.

Who We Are

Make your journey beautiful and bright

Teaghlach Information Solutions is a multi-faceted organisation that brings many years of technological experience to the market. No client nor their needs are ever to small or large for us. We endeavour to create a family/community (teaghlach) environment where your business technology needs are as important to us as they are to you. We want you to focus on what you do best, your business, and let us work behind the scenes to make it seamless.

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4114 Rosewood Lane, New York 10048

212-938-3621, 917-204-2105

For online support please mail us on support@domain.com

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We can be reached at 0401 232 064.

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Please email us at info@teaghlachinformationsolutions.com.

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We prefer to come to you for all your IT solutions to make it easy for you to continue with your business!